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About the website

I - The pictures

The pictures displayed in the “photography” section were all* taken with an analog camera (a Minolta SRT 101). I manually develop the film and the pictures** using a development process called “Caffenol”. As a mixture of instant coffee, vitamin C and washing soda, Caffenol has the advantage of having a really low toxicity and being eco-friendly. Moreover, the resulting color rests between sepia and black & white giving it a pleasing visual feel.

Although these days most photographers use digital cameras, going back to older techniques and learning the basics of analog photography is, for me, a voyage full of learning and discovery. After a lot of mistakes and many hours researching details and explanations, I could successfully develop my first films. This site is a small showcase of these early attempts.

*except category “Digital”

**only for black & white photographs; the color ones have been developed by a professional.

II - The drawings

All the drawings are done by hand, mostly using Faber-Castell and black Posca pens. I find my inspirations in Antique Greece, Medieval Europe, Art Nouveau, Buddhism, Hinduism and also from more specific artists such as Harry Clarke and Aubrey Beardsley. I don’t typically use color for the simple reason that I prefer to focus on lines, patterns, and details.

III - The blog

In addition to photography and drawing which I use to express myself visually, the blog also exists for me to express myself textually. The articles aren’t necessarily about any photograph or drawing but also cover topics like my motivations, influences, and related things.  My goal is to provide a more personal perspective on my art than is typically found on these kinds of galleries.

IV - Intellectual property & credits

The photographs, drawings and texts displayed on this website are original creations and I retain all rights unless otherwise noted.  If you would like to use any thing you find here, please contact me. Thanks for your understanding.

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About the author

Noémie Clémenceau, born in Angers, France.

Yoga & movement instructor, doing art-related stuff from time to time.