Photograhy & Illustration | Noémie Christensen

The photographs

The analog photographs displayed in the "Photography" section were all taken with a Minolta SRT 101*. I manually develop the film and the pictures** using a development process called "Caffenol". As a mixture of instant coffee, vitamin C and washing soda, Caffenol has the advantage of having a really low toxicity and being eco-friendly. Moreover, the resulting color rests between sepia and black & white giving it a pleasing visual feel.

I find that analog cameras are great mediums for experiments, hence why I prefer using them when it comes to following a more artistic and artisanal photographing process.

*the photographs under the "Digital" category were taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ150

**only for black & white photographs; the color ones have been developed by a professional.

The drawings

All the drawings are done by hand, mostly using Uni-ball pens. I find my inspirations in Antique Greece, Medieval Europe, Art Nouveau, Buddhism, Hinduism and also from more specific artists such as Harry Clarke and Aubrey Beardsley. I don't typically use color for the simple reason that I prefer to focus on lines, patterns, and details.

About the artist

Noémie Christensen, based in Angers, France.

Movement educator, doing art-related stuff from time to time.

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